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Each summer school had certain profile, associated with the project, or current trends in science. The unique form of the summer school consisted on the following organizational pattern: arrival day, five days for training, involving half-a-day time for excursions in mid-term, and departure day.
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Co-organization options and sponsors

Who can be Co-Organizer? Anyone, who is enthusiastic to launch top-class event on “hot topics” in science & technology relevant to the latest achievements, hardly available in routine university educational programs, with the participation of high-class Invited Speakers. Very helpful is the financial support from Co-Organizer projects to cover the costs of Invited Speakers. More detailed information in files here.

: closely related summer school topics should be avoided, for instance organic photovoltaics, and solar energy conversion. In this case one of the event will fail to attract suitable number of participants.

to ensure pleasant weather conditions, it is recommended to book the summer school term in May, June, September and October. April, or November might be still OK, but chilly. July and August is a High-Season in Krutyn, very crowdy and expensive.

How early? Booking the MAZUR-SYRENKA Complex is the best one year before setting up the event. There are two reasons: MAZUR-SYRENKA has actually very tight schedule with other customers. Second, to avoid organizational failure, all preparations MUST BE DONE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. Organizational matters are very essential at early stages, such as invitation of top-class speakers, setting-up the program, and the website, registration on-line, etc.

TERMS FOR 2014-2019 IKSS-s:

2014; MAY 18-24, JUNE 8-14, SEPTEMBER: 31.08-6.09, 21-27,

2015; MAY 17-23, JUNE 14-20, SEPTEMBER 30.08-5.09, 20-26.

2016; MAY 15-21, JUNE 12-18, SEPTEMBER 4-10, SEPTEMBER 25 - OCTOBER 1

2017; MAY 21-27, JUNE 4-10, SEPTEMBER: 3-9, 24-30

2018; MAY 20-26, JUNE 10-16, SEPTEMBER: 2-8, 23-29

2019; MAY 19-25, JUNE 9-15, SEPTEMBER: 1-7, 22-28




Detailed procedures can be downloaded here.

Working time schedule

Download standard time schedule here

Timing for Invited Speakers

The Organizers would be delighted if Invited Speakers can spend full time in Krutyń.

  1. arrival on the 1st day and departure the last day
  2. arrival on the 1st day and departure the 4th  day
  3. arrival on the 4th day and departure the last day

For this 4th day the Organizers can provide individual taxi in both directions free of charge.

The style of lectures and Scientific Consulting Sessions

Up to 24 lectures can be envisioned. This means, each Lecturer may present at least one, but even up to three lectures (45 min each). The local costs for Invited Speakers are waved.

The lecture level: Some participants may not be familiar with the topics of the school, but some might have already expert know-how. Please prepare your lecture(s) to be comprehensive and not only for high class experts. Try to start with the basic ideas. At the end of the lecture it is okay and welcome to reach a level that is interesting for experts as well. Try also to avoid focusing too much on your own research, although some pieces, if particularly relevant, are welcome, of course.
Please, make sure that material you wish to present as lecture(s) should be made available to participants as pdf file. Sensitive (unpublished, patent pending) material can be presented at the consulting session, but will not be offered to the public.

The consulting sessions enjoy very high rating among participants. After routine lectures Invited Speakers are welcome in the evening to run informal gatherings with all participants concerned in getting more detailed knowledge, or the knowledge in-depth for experts. Time is not limited. Additional ppt presentations are conceivable. The atmosphere is very relaxed to facilitate asking all possible questions.


To make the International Krutyń Summer School successful, we kindly ask potential sponsors to donate some funds to cover the expenses of Invited Speakers. We carefully estimated that 7500 EUR would cover the basic needs in this respect. What in return?


Diamond Sponsor: 5000 EURO and more

waved, also all out-door activities and First-Class ballooning will be free of charge for all Sponsors’ Representatives

Platinum Sponsor: 2000-5000 EURO


Gold Sponsor: 1000-2000 EURO

reduced to 50%

Silver Sponsor: 1000 EURO and less