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Each summer school had certain profile, associated with the project, or current trends in science. The unique form of the summer school consisted on the following organizational pattern: arrival day, five days for training, involving half-a-day time for excursions in mid-term, and departure day.
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Past IKSS events 2005-2012

2005: “OLLA”, FP6 Project on OLED technology
Title: “Advanced Luminescent Materials Based on Lanthanide Organic/Inorganic Complexes”

2006: “OLLA”, FP6 Project on OLED technology
Title: “Advanced Phosphorescent Materials“

2007: “OLLA”, FP6 Project on OLED technology
Title: “State-of-the-Art Materials for OLED Technology”

2008: “OLLA”, FP6 Project on OLED technology
Title: “Frontiers in Molecular Optoelectronics - OLED Materials”

2009: “”, FP7 Project on OLED technology
Title: “Organic Electronics: from Lab to Home”

2010: “, and “Fast2Light”, FP7 Projects on OLED technology
Title: “ORGANIC OPTOELECTRONICS ON THE MOVE : Going large, flexible, and efficient”

2010: ITN M. Curie “FINELUMEN”, FP7 Project on Photonic Materials
Title: “Supramolecular Chemistry in Materials Science”

2011: Joint organization with Edinburgh University, on Organic Photovoltaics
Title: "Frontiers in Organic, Dye-sensitised and Hybrid Solar Cells”

2012: Joint organization with Rennes 1 University, on Organic Electronics
Title: " Frontiers in Advanced Organic Materials for Next Generation Electronics"

2012: Joint organization with Nottingham University, on Nanocarbon Materials
Title: "Frontiers in Science & Technology of Carbon Nano-Materials"

2012: Joint organization with Philips, on Lanthanide Photoluminescent Materials
Title: “Cutting-Edge Luminescent Materials: Shifting the Frontiers”

2012: Joint organization with Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, on Organic Photovoltaics
Title: ”Solving the World’s Energy Demands with Molecules and Nanostructures in Sunlight”